There are patterns about you

Before Covid-19, I was traveling to faraway and exotic cities, walking new streets and pathways, discovering. Each place had its own foods, smells, sounds, textures and patterns — yes, patterns. We take them for granted normally in our rush to get from one place to another, but travel can allow us to slow down and notice the details.

In the stunning city of Lisbon, I noticed a myriad of patterns. The buildings, homes and sidewalks all boast unique patterns that, stitched together, make up a beautiful city and a place that people call home.

And in those beautiful surroundings…

What Makes Jamie Fraser such a good partner and how you can be one too.

Image: Unsplash George Hiles

If COVID-19 quarantine has driven you to a nightly Starz or Netflix routine and you are one of the million or so people who’ve chosen to commit to Outlander, maybe you too have secretly fallen in love with Jamie Fraser. He’s not only charming, handsome, buff, smart and sexy; he’s a brave and powerful warrior. He’s the kind of man everyone admires. Even my own macho husband has replaced his affirmative with “Aye” to be more like him.

But if you want to be more…

Angelika Olsen

Life & Leadership Coach, business owner and mother of two young adults. Improving lives by simplifying the mystical landscape of leadership.

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